Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy for Dogs, Cats, and Horses


Kim transfers her wisdom and knowledge of effective alternative healing techniques to pets and horses.

Benefits of Reiki for Animals

  • Complement to traditional veterinarian treatments

  • Promotes deep relaxation and reduction of anxiety

  • Helps reduce muscle aches, pains, and strains

  • Heals wounded souls of rescue animals, re-establishes trust, and balances energy

  • Facilitates faster recovery from surgery

  • Provides comfort and ease in crossing over

Benefits of Craniosacral for Animals

  • Releases restricted movement of the bones, skull, spine, and pelvis

  • Improves conformation issues that present as postural issues

  • Helps to combat the physical stresses and strains imposed on them

  • Rebalances their bodies for more effective and comfortable performance over a longer period.

  • Provides help with head shaking, lameness, hindquarter injuries, jaw dysfunction and head traumas